The Basics

Our creations are assembled from “found” items, making them all one-of-a-kind originals—we couldn’t duplicate any of them, even if we tried!
Natural materials are both a challenge and a joy to work with. Some jewelers make their own beach glass in rock tumblers or buy their shells from catalogs. Not Moose Run! We have way too much fun finding the unique fragments that have been formed by God and nature.
That’s what makes our creations so special—as with fingerprints and snowflakes, you’ll never find two exactly alike.
It can take months of searching to find two items similar enough to use for earrings! We get many questions about our jewelry, and the
most common is “Do you really find all this stuff?”
Our answer is always the same, “Yes, that’s the fun part.”
Rock-hunting, for us, is
a stress-reliever.
Moose Run Accessories was also presented with two
“Best of Show” awards from the 2008 and 2009
Marine City Juried Arts & Crafts Fairs.

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