Charms of Nature & Charms of Michigan

From appreciating a perfectly colored field of flowers to admiring a sand-smoothed stone to applauding the wind as it dances with the pines—we have always adored nature’s simple yet extraordinary charm.
  So we gathered some found treasures and some natural tidbits and created these Charms of Nature.  

We handcraft the cords too. They’re made to open on one side so you can wear one charm, or two, or ten…whatever it takes to brighten your day—naturally! You can also add other charms to your necklace, even ones you have at home.
Some of the charms are Michigan-inspired, and others are nature-inspired from around the world.

Charms and cords are just $4 each
(Lake Superior agate charms are $5 each).

If you purchase 5 or more charms, you’ll get a cord free!

New charm! Our Michigan silhouettes have become very popular! We offer both peninsulas in a variety of woods.

Here are some of the items that can be found in our Charms of Nature: beach glass, beach porcelain, driftwood, floating bouquet, Great Lakes shell, maple medallion, Michigan silhouette, pinecone, porcupine quill, river shell, Petoskey stone, fossil, stone, pudding stone, magnetite bottle, rock salt bottle, sand bottle, copper bottle, multicolor sand bottle, pine shavings bottle, coal bottle, feather bottle, quartz bottle, shell bottle, Lake Superior agate, natural bead, and stone cross.

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